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Commercial Garage Door Service in Columbus

Focus On Your Business, and Let Us Handle Your Overhead Doors

Business owners like you have enough on your plate. There are employees to manage, customers to satisfy, and paperwork to process. The last thing you want is to spend time worrying about Seymour and Columbus commercial garage door service.

But it’s not something you can afford to ignore. Sudden overhead door failures can be catastrophic for your business. Problem severity can range from simple annoyances to lost business and even death. Fortunately, being located in Southern Indiana, you have access to a garage door repair specialist with over 25 years of experience. From installing overhead doors in new buildings to repairing and replacing eyesores, we have the experience to do the job.

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Commercial Door Services in Columbus

The doors businesses need are as varied as the businesses themselves. Because we want to be an asset throughout the community, we’ve taken time to understand all of them. In terms of customization, businesses have a lot more options in terms of color, design, and hardware. Below is a list of commercial door types we service:

Rolling Service Doors

These doors roll up into a coil above the door instead of into a track. This saves space and is a more reasonable option for places that need high clearance for warehouse equipment or are low on space. If you need a fire-rated door, this is the go-to option. Rest assured, we can handle the installation and repair of these doors.

High-Speed Doors

Available in metal and fabric, these doors are made for environments where speed is of the essence. Designed for repeated abuse, these doors are more durable and quicker to open than other types and are made to withstand equipment impact. They are also known as rapid-roll doors. While they don’t need a lot of maintenance, we’re here for yours when it breaks down.

Sectional Doors

These doors are typically constructed from galvanized steel panels. Added insulation helps reduce noise and better retain interior heat. Most of these doors are constructed to resist rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures. They’re also something that is best serviced by a professional. Reach out to our commercial door specialists to book a sectional door evaluation.

Tilt Doors

These garage doors pivot up to 90 degrees to rest against the top of the garage header. These are a good option for buildings with little head height. They’re made of one sheet of metal, meaning less maintenance and moving parts. Installing or adjusting the arms of these doors are things our Columbus commercial door specialists can help you with.

Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

Often seen in restaurants or bars with patios, this type of commercial door is designed to maximize visibility and light. There are a number of glazing materials and track styles. Whether you need someone to replace cracked glass or diagnose why the opening chain screeches, you can rely on Kyko --Columbus’s go-to commercial door company.

Security Grilles

You don’t want people having access to your building after hours. That’s where security grilles come in. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations, this type of commercial door is mainly about utility. New models, however, can be customized to meet your building’s aesthetic. Can’t get yours to open? Want to enhance your security with a new installation? Reach out to Kyko .

Kyko is proud to provide overhead door repair services in Columbus, Seymour, and the surrounding areas.

Rely On Us to Repair Your Commercial Doors in Columbus

As alluded to earlier, there are a lot of costs to a broken commercial door in Columbus. A mechanic’s shop with a bay door stuck halfway up can’t take any more customers. Meanwhile, a warehouse might be stuck with many immovable products. These setbacks cost time and money. We get that. It’s why we provide prompt repair services throughout the Columbus area. Our fully stocked trucks have the supplies necessary to tackle most commercial garage door repairs on the first visit.

Below are a few issues our enterprise experts can assist with:

  • Damaged and frayed cables
  • Uneven opening or closing
  • Strange or annoying noises
  • Stretched or broken springs
  • Misaligned or bent tracks
  • Worn-out or broken rollers
  • Dented or cracked panels

To schedule commercial garage door repair in Columbus, give (812) 203-4526 a call. We’ll find an appointment slot that works for you.

Helping Businesses in Columbus Select Garage Doors Since 1999

Commercial garage doors differ widely in quality, function, and aesthetics. There is a nearly endless array of options to choose from. And, if you’re not an expert, that kind of choice can be overwhelming. The questions are numerous. What kind of door is best for your space? What brands are best? Which of the manufacturer’s add-ons are actually needed? What size door is right for this gap? How many should be installed? Navigating these things alone can be overwhelming. At Kyko , we simplify things by only providing recommendations that fit you and your enterprise.

We bring years of commercial door experience to every replacement or installation. In that time, we’ve repeatedly seen the results of cheap, inexperienced work. Our commitment to quality ensures whatever we put in will be a reliable, trusted source of convenience for years to come. Every job is custom-tailored to meet your needs. To get a no-obligation quote on new commercial garage door installation in Columbus, start with a call to (812) 203-4526.

Minimize Disruptions in Columbus with Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

As a business owner, you obsess over processes, profitability, and numbers. You’re always looking for a way to shave another few dollars off that bottom line. But you probably never thought of saving through preventive commercial door service. This annual service has a great ROI by preventing emergency calls and increasing operations. During the inspection, we’ll make sure that:

  • The tracks and moving parts are lubricated to prevent noise
  • Safety sensors are functioning as intended
  • The springs are in good working order
  • Openers and buttons are functioning as needed
  • Bad parts and loose components are replaced
  • Any track alignment issues are repaired
  • The door is properly cleaned and free of debris

Our program also includes text appointment reminders and service discounts. To learn more about long-term service plans, call Columbus’s favorite garage door company at (812) 203-4526.

Why Businesses in Columbus Trust Us with Their Commercial Doors

With our years of experience serving garage doors in Indiana, it’s no surprise so many entrepreneurs trust us to get the job done. We’re proud of the trust business owners throughout Southern Indiana place in our company. Though a lot of our success is due to our dedication to quality products, our commitment to superior service definitely plays a part. Whether you’re after a roll-up door repair or need a new tilt door installed, our name should be first on your list. Check out our reviews, and you’ll understand why referrals are our biggest driver of commercial business. To get help fast, pick up your phone and dial (812) 203-4526.