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Automated Doors Are Great Until They Break Down

Though not every garage in Columbus has one, a garage door opener is an important part of most people’s mornings. With it, one click of a button slides a 400-pound door open. There’s no fighting with the handle, pushing the door open by hand, or struggling to tug it closed. But like all machines, the automated opener will eventually break down and need to be repaired or replaced. That’s when you’ll need Kyko , Seymour’s garage door opener specialists.

Call (812) 203-4526 to schedule garage operator repair or replacement in Southern Indiana.

We Can Fix Any Garage Opener Problem in Columbus

As true experts, there are few overhead door problems we haven’t seen before. And that’s true for accessories like auto operators and storage as well. Below are a few items we can tackle for you:

  • The Door Won’t Open: This is the most common garage door opener repair call we receive. Potential causes include dead remote batteries, tripped outlets, stripped gears, bad motors, and carrier disengagement. In many cases, however, this issue stems entirely from another part. Common overhead door repair issues like broken springs in Columbus can produce similar symptoms.
  • An Overhead Door that Won’t Close: Instead of being unable to get your car out, you’re stuck with the contents of your garage visible and vulnerable to the whole world. Many of the root causes here are identical to the ones above. But you may also have a tripped safety sensor or a loose cable. Fortunately, our Columbus garage door experts can help.
  • Opener Starts on Its Own: Also referred to as “ghost opening,” this phenomenon is when your door opens and closes without prompting. Rest assured, there are probably no spirits involved. In many cases, it’s just that your Columbus garage door operator is picking up on a neighbor’s frequency. This often means the opener’s circuit board—the biggest component next to the motor—is on its way out. Unless your operator is under five years old, it’s often best to replace the opener.

There are also many less-common issues like a dozen different noises, cable slippage, and motor problems. The best way to handle garage opener repairs like these is to call (812) 203-4526. Diagnosing with Kyko is easy; your problem will be properly fixed and put behind you.

Let’s Talk About New Garage Doors and Openers in Columbus

When it comes to overhead door replacement, many people are surprised. They think the price of the door includes the operator. But they’re rarely a package deal. This is because every new door doesn’t need a new opener. Furthermore, not every operator works with every style and brand of overhead door.

So, don't be shocked if you see the extra line item on your invoice for a new garage door in Columbus. If automated opening is what you’re after, we’ll be happy to help you select the operator that fits your needs.

Get a Replacement Overhead Door

Things to Consider when Picking an Opener

Did your Columbus garage opener’s motor or circuit breaker blow? Then, unless you’re happy to return to manual opening, it’s time to shop for a new one. Below are four things to consider:

  • Horsepower: A typical residential door needs at least 0.5 horsepower to open. Heavier doors—like wooden ones—need more. Though lower-powered ones are cheaper, they wear out faster because they require more wear and tear to raise the door.
  • Security: A lock and key come standard on every Columbus garage door. But these are easy to break into. You can opt for a door with more extensive protection. But expect to pay a higher premium.
  • Drive Type: There are two main types of drives on the market: chain and belt drive. Though tougher and more affordable, chain drives clink and rattle. This noise can be annoying for a typical Seymour homeowner. While quieter, belt drives come with a higher price tag.
  • Brand: Though you can get off-brand operators for peanuts, it’s important to consider their lack of reputation. You might luck out and get one that lasts a while. Or, you might get stuck with something that matches the price you pay for it. Different warranties apply to different brands.

Not sure what operator fits your new door best? Let our Columbus overhead door opener experts make the decision simple. Kyko can recommend a device that perfectly suits your needs. Give us a call at (812) 203-4526 to get started.

Come to Us When You Need Opener Service in Garage Door Openers

At Kyko , we stand behind everything we do. When you come to us for Columbus operator service, we want you to be satisfied. So, skip the hassle if your opener is acting possessed or refusing to do its job. Call (812) 203-4526 to schedule service. Our garage door experts will take a look and quickly determine the proper solution. Whether you just need an opener repair or a new one installed, we’ll be happy to be your solution.

Garage Opener FAQs

Why Does My Door Reverse Before It Closes?

All modern overhead door operators come equipped with auto reverse. It will reverse if anything intercepts the sensor while the door closes. Though designed to protect children and pets, this safety feature can sometimes go awry. Dirt on the sensor or poor alignment can make the device overly sensitive. To fix this issue, try gently cleaning the sensor with a cloth. Typically, it’s positioned around knee height and extends from the metal tracks.

What’s Wrong with Installing My Own Opener?

If you’re handy, you can definitely install your own garage door operator in Columbus. But it is a complex task. It’s not a one-person job. Just be aware that you’ll need a number of tools:

  • Circular saw
  • Ladder
  • Laser Level
  • Garage door opener kit
  • Scrap two-by-fours
  • Cable staples

A do-it-yourselfer can expect the project to take eight or more hours to complete. You’ll likely spend well over $300 when all is said and done. In many cases, it’s just simpler to call a local expert like Kyko . You can focus on your day instead of sacrificing a weekend installing a new operator.

Can I Just Buy a Garage Opener at the Store?

While big box stores carry a variety of operators, they’re often low quality. They won’t last the 10,000 revolutions that come from a professionally installed opener in Columbus. So, if you want long-term results, skip the home improvement queue and give (812) 203-4526 a call.

Will My Opener Work During a Power Outage?

Most openers won’t work during a power outage without a battery backup. Fortunately, these can be installed on most overhead doors in Columbus aftermarket. The battery kicks in when the lights go out, allowing you to use your door normally. Want help making your garage blackout-proof? Fill out our online form to schedule service in Southern Indiana.

Why Does the Remote Only Seem to Work When I’m Close to the Door?

This is a fairly frequent question at (812) 203-4526. And this proximity requirement usually results from interfering frequency. Things like motion detectors and wireless controllers can scramble the connection between your remote and the door. Adding an antenna to the opener should fix the problem.