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You turn the key, and your sedan rumbles to life. A great tune pops on the radio. You’re ahead of schedule and ready to tackle the day. A hand reaches up to absently tap on your garage door opener. It inches open as sunlight filters under the weather stripping. Then, there’s a loud POP as the door jumps off the track or a spring breaks. Now, you’re trapped in the garage, and your daily commute is stalled at the start. What started as a good day is suspended as you debate the next steps.

If you live in Seymour or Columbus, start with a call to Kyko . Garage door repairs are our specialty; we’re always here to help you get your life (and door) back on track.

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Signs You Need a Garage Door Company

Though the concept of an overhead door is simple, they’re surprisingly complex. The large number of potential parts leads to an almost endless array of problems. Unfortunately, it can be just as hard to determine when an Columbus garage door company needs to be called. Below are a few signs that a simple DIY fix for your garage door isn’t the answer:

  • A door that slipped completely off the track
  • Loud noises that cannot be quieted through lubrication
  • It slams shut in an unsafe manner
  • Opening it produces grinding or pronounced rattling
  • It refuses to open or close completely

It’s important to schedule Columbus overhead door repairs quickly! The longer issues persist, the more likely it is that expensive damages will result. In some cases, you might even wind up replacing your garage door prematurely. Below, we’ll outline the most common issues we see and briefly explain their cause.

Common Garage Door Issues in Columbus

If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, you can count on our overhead door repair company to fix them:

Garage Spring Repair

When it comes to residential door operation, few things are as important as the spring. After repeated use, these can snap or stretch. Though it may look like an easy repair, replacing these is quite dangerous. They’re under a lot of weight and pressure. So, leaving Columbus overhead spring repair to a professional is best.

Cable Repair

Garage cables work in conjunction with the springs to help with balance and motion. If you notice yours is frayed or worn, call (812) 203-4526 for a heavy-duty replacement. This isn't a DIY job, with your typical garage door weighing over 400 pounds.

Broken Garage Rollers

Rollers are little wheels that attach to the panels of your door and help it roll smoothly along the track. Your door will no longer close or open properly when they snap or bend. Identifying this issue is something best left to an Columbus overhead door repair expert.

Misaligned Door Track

Does your door rub or squeal at a certain spot on the track? Do you see gaps along the track? Then, you probably have an overhead door alignment issue. Fixing this is probably a bigger job than you expect. So, just leave it to Kyko .

Noisy Open or Close

Are you tired of your doors opening with a clap or squeal? Then, it’s time to call an Columbus garage door repair company. They can quickly identify the root cause of the issue, removing a need for guess and check. Adding insulation or a more powerful opener can also help mitigate this problem.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Did a new driver in your household dent your overhead door? Are you tired of rust on a particular panel? Don’t immediately jump to replacing the whole door—it’s unnecessary! Our garage door replacement specialists can replace just that section and boost your Columbus home’s curb appeal.

Opener Repair

There’s nothing more convenient than an automatic garage door. So, it’s inconvenient when yours breaks. After checking the batteries on the remote, it’s time to call in a garage opener specialist. Contact us at (812) 203-4526 to schedule garage opener service.

Sensor Repair

Garage sensors help keep your family safe. They use an infrared beam to detect when something is obstructing the door. But they sometimes stop working properly. This can lead to a door that refuses to open. To diagnose and fix this issue, contact Kyko Garage Solutions at (812) 203-4526.

Rely on Kyko for Garage Door Repair in Columbus

At Kyko Garage Solutions, we don’t just repair your garage door. Our experts ensure it's done with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We always arrive when we say we will and go out of our way to limit client confusion. With over 25 years of experience with residential and commercial overhead doors, we’re a great choice for hassle-free fixes. We invite you to read more about us and browse our reviews to understand why we’re the go-to garage door repair company in the Seymour and Columbus areas.

Garage Door Repair FAQs

How Did My Garage Door Get Cracked?

You know garage doors dent and rust out. But you’ve never seen one cracked. Not until today, at least.

Typically found in the top section of the door, these unsightly blemishes are typically caused by:

  • Springs that are too weak for the door leading to increased force on its top section
  • Operator brackets and rollers are not aligned at the proper pivot point
  • Struts making repeated contact with opener arms when the door is pushed up
  • An opener set at an improper angle
  • A close cycle that ends improperly

Fortunately, a crack doesn’t necessarily lead to installing a new garage door in Columbus. After solving the root cause, swapping out a single section is enough.

Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

This question is a big one and is one of the main reasons you need a Columbus overhead door repair company on speed dial. We understand that no one wants to replace a garage door. Our clients often cross their fingers for a simple repair. But there are times when installing a new door is the more cost-effective option. Below are a few items that tip the scales toward full-on replacement:

  • Your door was manufactured before 1993
  • There are dents or cracks that extend across the door’s entirety
  • Signs of rot are beginning to show
  • Regular repairs are necessary to keep it operational

Still not sure what to do next? Make the decision easier with a call to (812) 203-4526 or contact us to schedule a quote.

How Do I Fix Dents in My Door?

If the dent is small or doesn’t impede function, you can likely repair it yourself. Many methods exist, including wood mallets, heated foil, glazing compound, and a plunger or dent remover. For larger issues, we recommend swapping out entire sections. Sometimes, Columbus garage door replacement is the only option.

How Much Will Fixing My Overhead Door in Columbus Cost?

Your garage door is a vital part of your home. They provide you with safety, security, and privacy. They also help protect your belongings from inclement weather. Fortunately, most repairs in Columbus are pretty reasonable on the cost front. Typically, you can expect to pay between $150 and $500 for a fix. Factors influencing this cost include the size of the door, its construction, and the severity of the problem.

What Do I Do If My Garage Door Doesn’t Open Smoothly?

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take before calling us for Columbus overhead door repair. First, lubricate the springs and plates at the top of the door. Close and open it a few times to help spread the grease. Then, apply a layer of grease to the armbar and lock. Also, check for obstructions or debris in the track. Even a small obstacle can impede operation. If none of these fix the issue, give (812) 203-4526 a call.

How Long Can I Expect My Garage Door Springs to Last?

A typical overhead door spring is designed to last around 10000 cycles. This means their lifespan varies based on how often the door is used. Typically, however, that lifespan will fall between seven and ten years. Over time, the steel will grow fatigued and crack. Typically, this garage door repair problem manifests in a sudden BANG and a door collapse. Even if only one spring fails, we recommend replacing both. This is due to the likelihood that the other one will fail soon.

Can I Paint My Garage Door to Combat Rust?

Not every garage door facelift in Columbus requires help from one of our experts. In the case of rust, a new coat of paint and a quick sanding is often enough to fix the problem. For wooden doors, mold and dark spots may pose similar issues. A few coats of stain are often enough to disguise these eyesores. The added layers not only boost your curb appeal but also help protect your door from spreading damage and provide a small improvement in insulation.

The Spring Above My Garage Door Is Cracked. Can I Fix It?

Unless you have experience replacing torsion springs, leaving this repair task to a professional is best. That spring is designed to hold well over three hundred pounds. That means it’s under a tremendous amount of pressure. And, if handled improperly, all of that force can fall back on you. We’ve seen plenty of crushed fingers in our time handling Columbus garage spring repairs.