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Give Your Workspace a Floor that Works as Hard as You Do

Your garage works hard to keep your home, car, and tools safe. It receives plenty of foot traffic and is often subject to the whims of nature. This can quickly turn any concrete floor into a dingy, drab mess. After one oil spill, you’re stuck staring at an unsightly stain. A lot of homeowners just resign themselves to that eyesore. They cover it with cheap rubber mats or just settle for sweeping it.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? It doesn’t! Our concrete coatings in Columbus can take any floor from embarrassment to showstopper. But our experts do so much more than that. They also help strengthen your floor while helping you pick a style that suits your particular needs. If you’re looking for the “best concrete coatings company in Columbus,” take a deep breath—you’ve come to the right place.

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A Brief Explanation of Concrete Coating

You might have heard the term ‘concrete coating’ before, but you might not be sure what it means. In simple terms, concrete coatings are any liquid applied to concrete. This includes epoxy, polyurethane, paint, and even cement overlays.

They make your floor more durable while bringing a luxurious look to your space. Their affordability often makes them a fantastic option for those with budget constraints. Today’s coatings are the result of decades of refinement. You can see an outline of what brought us to our proprietary formula below:

  • Pre-1960s: Before epoxy, simple paints and sealants were the only way to protect concrete. However, these solutions didn’t last long and lacked the many benefits of contemporary options.
  • 1930s: A Swiss chemist originally developed epoxy to help protect aircraft and military areas. They ensured the longevity and safety of military bases.
  • 1950s: Industrial and commercial clients began to see the value in coated concrete, and the demand for epoxy grew from there.
  • 1960s: Artists saw value in epoxy for creative applications and used it to create unique patterns on walls and other surfaces. During the same period, NASA started using it to prevent astronauts from falling from space capsules.
  • 1970s: Epoxy had its shortcomings, so chemists worldwide began looking for ways to improve it. That’s when polyurea began to surge in popularity. From this experimentation, an endless array of formulations and types grew.
  • 1999: After examining the offerings on the market in Columbus, we settled on our current brand. Regarding durable, attractive coatings, our proprietary formula is tough to beat.
  • 2024: The year you decide to level up your garage. A newer, more livable space can be yours with just one call to (812) 203-4526.

The Benefits of Concrete Coating

Many garage owners in Columbus and Seymour think concrete coatings are merely aesthetic and exist solely to improve the appearance of your home’s garage. But the value of coated floors goes beyond simple frivolousness. These superior floors recoup value by:

  • Protecting Your Floor: Though concrete is tough, it has its fair share of weaknesses. Its porousness means it soaks up not only water but stains like oil and paint. It’s also susceptible to being cracked by ice in its joints and cracks. Coated floors repel most chemicals and are better at fending off weather problems.
  • Simplifying Cleaning: Let’s be real: concrete is rough. Sweeping and mopping it is tedious. Due to their smooth surface, polyurethane or epoxy floors are much easier to scrub. A simple mop or vacuuming is often enough to make them sing. Furthermore, as mentioned above, they resist things like oil and grease. This is why many commercial enterprises in Columbus invest in these floors.
  • Deterring Injury: Our Columbus coating options promote slip resistance. This lessens the likelihood of accidental slips and falls due to spills or vehicle runoff from snow or rain.
  • Improving Home Value: The demand for garages has increased in recent years. This means it’s important yours is clean and eye-catching. This simple aesthetic investment will reap dividends when it comes time to sell your home.

A relatively low-cost garage solution, concrete coating is a great investment in Columbus and Seymour. Now that you’re convinced, let’s go over the installation process.

What It Takes to Ensure Beautiful Coated Floors in Columbus

You might consider sealing your floors yourself. In your mind, applying liquid to a surface sounds like painting. And, for even the amateur DIY-ers, that’s a simple task. But to do the job right, a lot of prep work is involved. This is where skimping out on your investment can drastically limit the life and appearance of your new floor.

Here are the steps we take to ensure superior garage floor coating in Columbus:

  1. Cleaning out the space to be coated
  2. Filling in any cracks or imperfections in the cement
  3. Diamond grinding or shot blasting the floor to remove any divots or imperfections
  4. Hand grinding of corners and any spots the grinder missed to ensure proper adhesion
  5. The floors are vacuumed to remove any dust or gravel
  6. We apply the primer that hardens the concrete and prepares it for more layers
  7. Added levels of coating are applied until we reach the floor’s desired width
  8. Fine sanding is done to smooth things out
  9. A final coat is applied and smoothed out like the other layers
  10. Caulk is applied to the joints and along the wall to stop debris from entering the cracks

Now, you have a beautiful new floor that will serve you well for years. Curious how much this will cost you? Give us a call at (812) 203-4526 to schedule service in Seymour or North Vernon.

Call Columbus’s Concrete Coating Experts

Kyko Garage Solutions is proud to be the go-to source for garage floor coatings in Southern Indiana. This reputation has been built through hundreds of service calls. We bring 25 years of garage experience to Seymour and Columbus. In that time, we learned the value of providing prompt, dependable service. This can be seen in our reviews.

Frequently Asked Concrete Coating Questions

How much does a standard concrete coating cost for a garage floor?

Having a professional coat your garage floor typically runs between $1000 and $2000. Note that this price can go up depending on the size of your garage or the particular colors selected. While you might get lower quotes, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

  • How professional will the installation be?
  • What kind of warranty is applied?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • What’s the quality of the materials you’re using?

This will help you to make a more accurate comparison between Columbus concrete coating contractors.

What’s Involved in Maintaining Coated Floors?

Easy maintenance is a major benefit of coated garage floors in Columbus. They only require periodic cleaning to maintain their shine. They can be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. With your new floors, there’ll be no more need for harsh dirt or stain removers.

Can I Coat Floors Other than My Garage?

When people see the difference concrete-coated floors make, they often wonder if it can be expanded to the rest of the house. Most homeowners in Columbus are worried about the harmfulness of the fumes involved in installation. But not to worry! Quality materials like what we use don’t leave much smell behind. Though proper curing used to take days to a week, it no longer does. That’s the benefit of innovation!

Just 24 hours after coating, the new area will be ready for use. Below are just a few places we can help transform:

  • Hallways
  • Basements
  • Laundry rooms
  • Entryways
  • Bathrooms

Can I Coat My Concrete Patio or Driveway?

Just because coated floors are typically used inside doesn’t mean they aren’t great for outdoor application. They’re also durable enough to hold up cars and support backyard barbeques. But you need to be careful with the materials you pick. Make sure the coating itself is graded for exterior use.

How Thick Are Concrete Coatings?

Honestly, it’s not even worth measuring in most cases. It’s about as thick as a coat of paint. However, if you’re getting vinyl chips, the final product will measure roughly 20 millimeters in thickness.

Can Kyko Coat Damaged Concrete?

Your floor is full of cracks. Some parts of it look like a wolverine has mauled them. You’re likely wondering if our Columbus concrete coatings are your solution. The coating must be applied to a clean, blemish-free floor for proper adhesion. Our technicians can take care of that for you! They’ll repair any imperfections before they get to work. For a better estimate of the cost of taking a worn eyesore to something worth showing off, call Kyko Garage Solutions at (812) 203-4526.

Why Should I Go with Polyurea Instead of Epoxy?

Many people in Columbus picture epoxy floors when considering coated concrete floors. But that’s the traditional material, not necessarily the best one. Polyurea and polymer garage floors offer many advantages over epoxy. Though slightly more expensive, modern materials like polyurea offer improved durability and UV resistance. This stops them from fading and makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

What Concrete Coating Options Are Available?

Today’s floor coating options are numerous. There are classic options like epoxy, for sure. However, we also offer more contemporary materials like polyurea. There are tons of colors available. Whether you want a marble look or something more vibrant, Kyko Garage Solutions can find an option. Matte? Gloss? Semi-gloss? We can also help select a finish ideal for your space in Columbus or Seymour.