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The Bell Tolls for Your Garage Door in Columbus

Maybe your garage door is just an eyesore. Or, at this point, the major components have rusted out. No matter the reason, all garage doors in Columbus eventually must be replaced. Typically, this happens around the 30-year mark but can be brought on early by accidents or a lack of maintenance. If the time has come, skip the debate and call Kyko Garage Solutions—Southern Indiana’s garage door installation experts. We sell a variety of doors and can help you find the perfect one for your home.

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Signs It’s Time for a New Garage Door

Whether or not it’s time for garage door replacement in Columbus depends on several factors. Below are the most common signs it’s time to make a switch:

  • Security: Are there holes or large dents in your door? Has the locking mechanism eroded away? Then, you’re only reaping a small part of the benefits of an overhead door. In many cases, the valuables protected by your door are worth more than the cost of installing a new one.
  • Speed: Opening a garage door isn’t instantaneous. But if yours takes forever to rise or fall, it may be time for a replacement. Rust, worn parts, or bent tracks may be to blame. Sometimes, the only way to remedy this molasses opening is to replace the door.
  • Noise Level: Though a loud close can signify an impending Seymour garage door repair, it may also be a sign of a door on its way out. If your door bangs, squeaks, crunches, or grinds, give (812) 203-4526 a call. We’ll determine if it’s an easy fix or enough to justify a replacement.
  • Safety: Your typical residential overhead door tips the scales at over 400 pounds. A sudden failure can easily break and crush bones. If the safety features on your door are beyond saving—or it was installed before motion detectors were standard—then it’s time to consider an Columbus garage door replacement.
  • Rising Utility Bills: Are you noticing a sharp increase in your heating and cooling bills? Is your garage attached? Then, your overhead door may be to blame. Over time, its insulation and weather stripping can wear down, loosening your home’s envelope and costing you tons in the long run.
  • Appearance: A garage door is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. Does yours no longer fit your style? Is it rusty or dented? Then, it may be time to replace it. This simple upgrade can lead to a big boost in home value.

As you might have noticed, the signs of a garage door that needs repair are the same as those that need replacement. To chart the best course, consult our Columbus overhead door company. Call (812) 203-4526 or submit a request through our site.

Why You Should Leave Garage Door Replacement to a Professional

Now that you know you need a new door, you might be tempted to go it alone. It seems pretty simple on the surface. And we won’t deny that a DIY overhead door replacement is possible. Someone with the right tools who knows their way around handiwork could do the job. But the dangers cannot be overstated. The door itself typically weighs over 400 pounds. Meanwhile, the springs that hold them up are under a lot of pressure—usually north of 1000 pounds. One misstep can cost you a finger or worse.

Below are a few other reasons to leave Columbus garage door replacement to us:

  • The tools involved are expensive. Many things are involved in installing a new door, from specialty springs to winding bars. If you don’t already have these items, you’re simply investing in clutter.
  • Your garage layout is unique. Though plenty of garages can handle a standard setup, that’s not always the case. If your opening is larger or smaller than normal, you might end up with a nightmare. That’ll mean a lot of running back and forth, searching for the right tools. An Columbus garage door company can recognize and easily navigate these unique situations.
  • Wiring isn’t something you’re comfortable with. Sure, most homeowners can figure out how to install a spring or click rollers into place. But do you know how to hook up the opener? Are you confident that you can wire things up without shocking yourself? If not, call (812) 203-4526 for peace of mind, knowing the job’s done right.

Don’t chance a devastating injury or worse! The price difference between us and a DIY job isn’t expansive. To get a better idea of what we charge for Columbus garage door repair or replacement, schedule an estimate.

Available Garage Door Materials in Columbus

After a lot of soul-searching, you’ve decided that Columbus garage door replacement is best. Next, you need to decide what material you prefer. This will make it easier to make recommendations. Below is a quick rundown of the most popular kinds of overhead doors:


Cheaper than steel doors, aluminum ones are lighter but also easier to dent. They’re a good choice for those searching for a low-price garage door replacement in Seymour or North Vernon.


Steel doors are a popular, low-maintenance option lauded for their durability. Compared to the other options, they boast the longest lifespan. A properly cared-for steel door can last upward of 30 years.


This material falls somewhere between wood and steel. Low-maintenance and affordable, these doors are great for people on a budget. They also don’t dent like metal doors. That boost in durability, however, comes at the cost of security.


Though the least durable of the four, wooden overhead doors bring a timeless warmth and rustic charm to benefit any home. They don’t dent like steel doors, however. And if something goes awry, a simple sanding is often enough to fix it.

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door in Columbus

Now that you know what material’s best for you, it’s time to explore the other characteristics of overhead doors in Columbus. If you’d like to pick one and have us do your garage door installation, you’ll need to determine:


Garage doors are sold in a number of different dimensions. The rarity of a given size often determines the options available. Will you need a double door? A single door? Both? How tall are the vehicles you’re parking? When selecting your new door in Columbus, these items must all be considered.

Level of Insulation

Is your garage attached? Do you keep things in there that must be kept at a stable temperature? Then, you’ll want to make sure you buy a well-insulated model. Doing so can net you hundreds in energy savings over a given year. The added layers also strengthen the door against impact and noise.


Now, you get to pick a style for your door. Which material meshes best with your home’s aesthetics? Would you prefer something elegant or more traditional? What kind of color are you after? Once you’ve determined this, it’s time to hunt for the perfect match.

Security Features

A garage entrance in Columbus should be just as protected as your front door. Consider if it’s time to invest in new features like encrypted openers, a trolley release system, or a remote lock.

The Overhead Door Installation Process

You know what door you want. And, you know which company you want to install it—Kyko Garage Solutions. But you may still have questions about what comes next. How long will it take? What steps do you need to take beforehand? Below, we break the Columbus garage door installation process into y simple steps:

  1. The Prep Work: You must clean out your garage before the appointment. Move your vehicles out of our way, shift any items near the door, and remind loved ones to avoid our work area. If you have animals, be sure to secure them to ensure we can work safely and without unnecessary interruption.
  2. Inspect the Area: Before starting your Columbus garage door installation, we’ll double-check our measurements and make any last-minute adjustments. At this time, we’ll also make sure the garage header is level and the door frame is in good shape.
  3. Old Door Removal: We’ll take out the old door. This is one of the more dangerous steps of the process. A spring could snap, or the door might pop off the track at the worst possible moment. However, because you hired a tried and true professional, you can expect things to proceed smoothly. Once done, we’ll haul away old faithful and dispose of it.
  4. Door Preparation: Before anything else, we must ensure the door has all the parts it needs for a seamless installation. This means attaching the hinges and brackets. Once that’s done, we’ll lift the door sections into place. At this stage, we also add opener supports and reinforcement brackets to the top of the door.
  5. Install the Rollers: Now, it’s time to slot the rollers into place. These are what allow your overhead door in Columbus to slide smoothly around its track.
  6. Assemble and Install Track: If a new track is needed, we’ll piece the horizontal and vertical sections together before hanging them. During this process, we’ll make a number of adjustments to ensure the rollers flow correctly around the new frame. We’ll also hang them at this time.
  7. Pulley, Springs, and Cable Placement: These steps are where things can often go wrong with Seymour or North Vernon overhead door replacement. The cables and springs are under a lot of stress and need to be properly assembled for things to work. Even if you DIY the rest, we suggest leaving this part (and tension spring removal) to a professional.
  8. Door Testing: Now that all the parts are in place, it’s time to test the door. We’ll make sure it opens and closes smoothly. To ensure proper functionality, our garage door technician will perform multiple tests. Once everything’s working properly, we’ll tighten down any loose brackets or screws. If there’s a lock to be installed, we’ll do it at this point.
  9. Opener Steps: If you’re going with an automated door, now’s time for us to hook it up. As with the main installation, we’ll put the machine through the wringer to confirm proper functionality.

The entire process above can take anywhere from four to six hours to complete. The condition of your current overhead door’s hardware may affect the installation time required.

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