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Storage Solutions for Garages in Columbus

Stop Being Ashamed to Open Your Garage Door

Your garage is a vital part of your home. It protects your vehicles from inclement weather and allows you to store everything from out-of-season decor to yard equipment and tools. Many people in Columbus also use the space to work or host gatherings in warmer weather. Yet many people are embarrassed by the state of their garages. They can quickly spiral from storage to a cluttered, unorganized mess. Boxes are shoved in every corner, and you only have the vaguest idea of where everything is.

If this sounds like you, you should call (812) 203-4526. Our garage door experts also have an eye for organization. They can help you select an overhead door or wall storage option best suited to your needs. Using the expertise we’ve built over 25 years of maintaining and repairing garage doors, we can quickly take your space from being the equivalent of your home’s junk drawer to its crowning jewel.

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The Root Causes of Garage Clutter

A survey conducted by Liftmaster found that 59% of homeowners spend little to no time on garage organization. In many cases, there are no shelves or rafter storage. Everything is just piled in corners and often mislabeled. The reasons garages veer toward clutter are numerous and include:

  • It’s Out of Sight and Mind:
    Most people only use their garage as a path to their car. So, they spend no more than a few minutes in it a day. This is doubly true for people with detached garages, making it easier to ignore things like trash build-up and teetering Jenga box towers.
  • You Need Some Handiness:
    While anyone can assemble plastic shelves, they aren’t ideal for storage. They’re flimsy and flexible, and the spaces between each rung struggle to store more than the bare minimum. We supply quality, large-scale systems that are strong and adaptable.
  • The Space Is Huge:
    For most people, the garage is the largest area of their home, in fact, so spacious it’s easy to treat it like a dumping ground. Who will ever use that corner? Why does it matter if it gets a bit dusty? If this sounds like you, it’s time to install a garage organization system in Garage Storage.
  • You’re Busy:
    You barely have time to breathe and fewer hours to dedicate to cleaning your garage. We get that. It’s why our Columbus garage door experts put so much time into ensuring your new storage system is the perfect fit.

Kyko is here to tackle these problems at their foundation. When we’re done, the above excuses will be a thing of the past.

Why Columbus Garage Storage Is Worth the Investment

You’ll Get a Cleaner, More Spacious Garage

Your garage’s clutter doesn’t impact your life as much as it would if it were your kitchen. Our Columbus garage storage options will make the space more accessible and easier to maintain.

Fewer Pests

Pests like spiders and rodents love clutter. It provides them with plenty of hiding places, from old boxes to piles of dead leaves. Organizing and streamlining your garage storage helps keep your space free of unwanted guests.

It Protects Important Things

Eventually, that tower of boxes is going to topple. Do you know what’ll be in its path when it falls? Things like bicycles and cars are expensive. Precariously stored clutter can cause accidents and damage. Our overhead shelves can pick that stuff out of harm’s way.

Dangerous Tools Stay Out of Reach

That chainsaw looks pretty shiny to a toddler. The same is true of your weed whacker or lawnmower. With locks and childproof spaces available, our garage experts can help secure your space against curious hands.

It’ll Save You Time

The pipe under your sink just sprung a leak. You race out into the garage, desperate to find a wrench to tighten it. You waste 20-30 minutes looking for it. Life gets a lot easier when everything has its place—which is what you get from hiring our Columbus garage storage experts.

What We Offer

The array of storage options available in Seymour or Columbus can be overwhelming. What will fit best in your garage? Exactly how much and what type of storage do you need? Our experts can help simplify decisions like these. We offer a wide variety of solutions:

Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets can help bring much-needed order to a garage. Our cabinets will be designed and set up to accommodate your unique needs. At Kyko , our garage cabinets are made to adapt to the seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations common in Indiana. Opting for insulated ones can also keep temperatures at bay.

Garage Peg Boards

Garage organization in Columbus isn’t limited to cabinets. We can also install slat or peg boards for you. These are perfect for hanging hooks. Many people use them to store their power tools or bicycles. They can also be fitted with containers for storing things like screws and nails.

Overhead Garage Storage

The vertical space in a garage is one of the most overlooked. But we can help you make use of the space above your door. This can include laying down OSB to create a little attic. Most often, however, an overhead rack is the best option. It’s a great place to store bulky items like bikes and kayaks.

Rack Systems

For fans of peg boards looking for a little more space, racks are the way to go. Like peg systems, the installed tracks can be outfitted with hooks, shelves, and containers to suit your storage requirements. Because of their ability to support large weights, this type of storage is ideal for avid bikers and sportsmen. For quotes on installing a customized garage rack system in Columbus, start with a call to (812) 203-4526.

Let Kyko Declutter Your Garage

We’ve been helping people in Columbus repair and replace their garage doors since 1999. But that’s far from where our expertise ends. Our garage storage experts are here to help you reclaim your home’s dumping ground and turn it into a place you’re proud of. Accomplishing this means depending on a custom assortment of peg boards, racks, and specialty cabinets. To better understand what we can do for you, give (812) 203-4526 a jingle. We’ll provide a free quote that fits your needs. While we’re there, ask about our Columbus epoxy or concrete coating services.

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